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To Nourish Our World If you have previously heard of Reliv from another Independent Reliv Distributor, you should contact that Distributor for further information.


Reliv International, the world leader in nutritional epigenetics.  We invite you to discover how Reliv’s products and home-based business opportunity can help you and your family get more out of life — starting today. 



Core Values

Reliv is guided by the primary principle of “Distributors First.” The corporate office supports Distributors in their business efforts and Distributors embrace the same philosophy in support of their organization.


In addition, Reliv is guided by five core values:

  • Quality: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality. Our ingredients come from the most reputable suppliers and undergo rigorous testing when they first enter our plant, and again at each step in the manufacturing process. And because we own our manufacturing facility, we are able to ensure product purity and potency in every can — guaranteed. View this video to learn more about Reliv's commitment to quality.
  • Trust: We work hard to earn and maintain the trust of our Distributors, customers, employees and partners. We trust our products with our own families so you can too. We make detailed information about our products and business opportunity available to all. We value transparency in everything we do.
  • Integrity: We adhere to moral and ethical principles in all aspects of our business. People depend on our products to maintain their health and our business to maintain their livelihood. We take that responsibility very seriously.
  • Changing Lives: We believe everyone can benefit from our products and business opportunity. We want to change lives for the better.
  • Giving Back: It’s our mission to Nourish Our World, and part of this involves the charitable efforts of the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. We are proud to partner with our Distributors to bring health and hope to thousands of people in need worldwide.

Business with Heart

The Facts Lunasin is the first nutritional compound identified to affect gene expression and promote optimal health at the epigenetic level.  LunaRich® from Reliv optimizes bioactive lunasin more than any other source available today. Reliv owns exclusive rights to LunaRich and the lunasin technology used to create it. The Vision Lunasin is a naturally occurring peptide found in seed-bearing plants. Since soy is such an excellent source of protein, it is also a superior source of lunasin. But not all lunasin is created equal – not even close. The concentration and bioavailability of lunasin among soy foods (soy milk, tofu, etc.) and other sources varies dramatically. And no other source can match the concentration and bioavailability of the lunasin found in Reliv products.Reliv has exclusive rights to the lunasin technology produced through a proprietary extraction process developed by Soy Labs. No one else has been able to effectively extract bioactive lunasin of such quality and in such concentration. Reliv is now way ahead of the curve in harnessing the power of this clinically proven superfood.    Reliv has always endeavored to remain on the cutting edge of nutrition science in formulating products. Reliv is now leading the industry in the budding field of nutritional epigenetics. New research shows that through nutrition people can influence which genes are expressed. Reliv is committed to building on this emerging science and developing nutritional solutions with lunasin and other plant-based nutrients that help people take control of their health.


Ashland Massachusetts

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