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Needham Bank believes that business banking should not be riddled with fees and hidden fine print. That’s why the Bank only has two business checking accounts; both are free and carry no minimum balance requirements or activity mandates. The only difference between the two is that one pays interest and one does not, as some organizations have requested a non-interest option for tax purposes.


The Bank offers a full suite of cash management services and a top rated mobile/tablet banking app, NB Business Mobile. With Needham Bank, you truly get the best of banking: private bank levels of service, big-bank technology, and community bank values.


And when your business is looking for a loan, Needham Bank is the best place to start. The Bank offers commercial loans from $10,000 up to $25 million. This includes working capital lines of credit, equipment loans, commercial mortgages, and non-owner occupied real estate.


Additionally, the Bank is a leader in commercial real estate lending, construction lending, and loans for investment properties. This is an area where Needham Bank is nationally recognized, despite only operating within the Metrowest and Greater Boston areas.


Needham Bank’s commitment to premium products without the “premiums” extends to the personal banking side as well, where the Bank offers only one checking account: NB Checking. NB Checking is free, pays interest, and reimburses every ATM fee at every ATM in the world. This essentially makes every ATM a Needham Bank ATM. NB Checking comes with NB Mobile, which is rated 5 stars on iTunes and features: person to person transfers, mobile check deposit, cash back rewards, bill pay, touch ID login, and secure messaging.


With $2 Billion in total assets, Needham Bank is uniquely positioned to offer first class technological conveniences while maintaining the concierge levels of personal service and community support which have been a mainstay at the institution since the 1900s. To learn more, kindly visit


Needham Bank is a member FDIC, SIF, and Equal Housing Lender.


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Front Street, Ashland 01721, Metrowest

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