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Inkind Design

25 West Union Street, Ashland 01721, Massachusetts

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The Kinder Design Solution

Inkind Design was founded on the principle that every business, no matter how small, deserves a fighting chance against the big guys. The big box stores of the world have millions of dollars invested in their marketing and design strategy, so to level the playing fields we provide our clients with a competitive edge and high end design solutions at a price that a small business owner can afford. Whether you need a couple of flyers or an overall company branding revamp, we would love to help you in any way we can because we work to give people access to a level of design and marketing strategy that is typically beyond the reach of smaller ventures. In my life, I honestly believe that, with the right tools, anyone can make a change. Anyone can succeed. We can help.

25 West Union Street, Ashland 01721, Massachusetts

About the ABA

The Ashland Business Association (ABA) is a group of business owners, executives, managers, and employees working together to foster ties between business and community. The ABA is dedicated to increasing profitability and visibility for its members, and to advocating for a positive business environment within the Town of Ashland.

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