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Fish Works was founded in 1990 based on a love of aquariums, fish and “creating living pictures for customers”.  With over 75 years of combined industry involvement, all Fish Works personnel have extensive experience in the care, health and compatibility of marine life in freshwater and salt water aquariums. 

Fish Works has hundreds of aquarium cleaning & maintenance contracts throughout eastern Massachusetts and specializes in custom aquariums of all sizes - as well as standard off the shelf designs. Suppliers, contractors and designers are brought together as needed to create a fish aquarium that gives you a relaxing environment and adds aesthetic appeal to your home or business.  

We assemble superior standard and custom aquariums from the highest quality components available, to provide the most reliable systems for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Maintenance programs can be customized to fit each individual fish tank as needed from weekly to bi-monthly and monthly visits.  Fish Works provides tank fish as well as all necessary aquarium supplies for each aquarium

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