August Steering Committee Minutes





  • Adam Sachs
  • Tricia Kendall
  • Alan MacIntosh
  • Cynthia Whitty
  • Dick Bennett
  • Gene Tarsky
  • Beth Reynolds
  • Ken Erdelt
  • Nadine Nesbitt
  • Chrissy Reynolds
  • Denise Conte
  • Sophie


  • Tricia Kendall calls the meeting to order at 11:02 AM
  • Motion to approve the minutes from July minute. Seconded by Gene - Approved


Adam Sachs

  • Discussion about the Metrowest Design Center and the successful event held on 8/1/2017.


  • Question who has the ABA Business cards.
  • Internship Program, Adam would like someone to take ownership of the program. Gene Tarsky asked to meet with him after the meeting.


Dick Bennett

  • Current Balance is 8961.61 after payment of megs invoice.
  • 419.10 in the scholarship fund.
  • Nadine has requested thank you notes to Waitt member businesses. Chrissy Reynolds volunteered to volunteer.
  • 114 Paying Members.


Nadine Nesbit

  • Will provide details on the stuff.


Cynthia Whitty

  • October Speaker - Jack from Score


Marketing Collateral Discussion

  • Tricia suggested ABA Ashland maps be updated with complete new design.



Metrowest Chamber of Commerce - Gene Tarsky

  • Small business toolkit by Gene Tarsky coming up.
  • The Stractics project (Strategy and Tactics) - will be looking for ABA members to participate.


Extensive discussion on budgeting. Budget Committee formed with Dick as chairperson. Nadine Nesbitt, Gene Tarsky, Alan MacIntosh and Ken Erdelt on the committee.


Adam Sachs initiated the Jellyfish at 11:53


Corner Spot Update - Beth Reynolds

  • Corner Spot booked until October.


September Business Meeting

  • Discussion on out of town members
  • Vote on Sue Atherton
  • 45 Minute - Mark Altman - Business networking workshop
  • Happy Tails will be table holder and sponsor the food.
  • 2nd Table - Dylan Marra



About the ABA

The Ashland Business Association (ABA) is a group of business owners, executives, managers, and employees working together to foster ties between business and community. The ABA is dedicated to increasing profitability and visibility for its members, and to advocating for a positive business environment within the Town of Ashland.

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