July Steering Committee Minutes





Ken Erdelt

Alan MacIntosh

Denise Conte

Cynthia Whitty

Bill Gath

Nadine Nesbitt

Mike Kane

Chrissy Reynolds

MR Fletcher

Dick Bennett


Adam Sachs - Phone



  • Motion to approve minutes by Nadine, approved
  • President Update
    • Email invites sent out to all officers/steering committee for all upcoming events.
    • Shout out to Beth Reynolds for amazing job with the Corner Spot.
  • Dick Bennett - Treasurer Update - 10273.82 in the bank. - 287.67 in scholarship fund.
  • Denise Conte - Membership Update - 111 Paying Members.
    • Al Porter Issue  -  was voted on before and approved.
      • Mike Kane has suggested to broaden the ability for out of town individuals to join.
      • Discussions around new bi-laws and pre-requisites for allowing out of town business and procedure to approve/deny this individual.
      • Ken Erdelt asked do we want to allow nonmembers at all.
      • Mike Kane suggested adding a discussion to the next general business meeting to get a feel from the general membership on policy.
      • Suggested a membership drive day in October.
    • Sue Atherton - Approved by Steering Committee  needs General Membership vote.
  • Cynthia Marketing Update - E-blast sent on 7/11/2017 regarding August 1st social, and ribbon cutting in July.
  • Alan MacIntosh - Technology Update - Upcoming workshops, and contant contact being customized.
  • Scholarship Update - Adam Sachs - No New Events
  • Events Committee - Alan MacIntosh - High level organizes the program for the year.
    • Ashland Day
    • Membership Day


  • Internship Program - Adam Sachs - Intern met with Marketing committee, and will be starting at Monday morning and will be reaching out to businesses and populating websites.


  • Decisions at every turn - Alex Carleton connected ABA with Kristen French. Adam Sachs and Cynthia will connect with Kristen French. Alex heard from Amy Turncliff that is very excited about the ABA Involvement.
    • Nadine suggested inviting Amy Turncliff as a 10 minute guest speaker.
    • Adam Sachs asked if they should be member.


  • Marketing Collateral
    • Rack Card has been approved by membership and is set to be ordered.
    • Draft of the Little Green Phonebook AD.
    • Bumper stickers / window clings - Waiting on Tricia Kendall


  • Discussion about August 1st Social
    • Being marketed as 60 Pleasant Design Center event, NOT an ABA Event.
    • We were told we could have a table.
    • Mike Kane asked about why the event is NOT an ABA Event.



  • October Event - Jack from Score
  • September Meeting - ABA Focused Meeting.











Upcoming Website Workshops

Using ABA Website & Basic Social Media for Business

2nd - 10:00 - 12:00

16th - 12:00 pm - 2:00

30th - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm




About the ABA

The Ashland Business Association (ABA) is a group of business owners, executives, managers, and employees working together to foster ties between business and community. The ABA is dedicated to increasing profitability and visibility for its members, and to advocating for a positive business environment within the Town of Ashland.

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