Cedar Street Kids' Club Inc

343 Cedar Street, Ashland 01721, Massachusetts

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Early Childhood Development Experience

Cedar Street Kids' Club is your neighborhood's Early Childhood Development Experience! Our classroom offers a welcoming, homelike feel not found in childcare centers, with a level of professionalism and structure not found in family cares.   
The Curlett's started Cedar Street Kids' Club to make a positive impact on the community and raise the bar in our early childhood education system. Through inspirational curriculum and our innovative parent communication technology, we are achieving our mission.
Why Families Choose Cedar Street Kids' Club  
* Inspirational Curriculum *
* Exceptional Cleanliness *
* Safety and Organization *
* Parent Communication App *
* Passionate and Experienced Staff * 
* Ashland Family Owned and Operated * 
343 Cedar Street, Ashland 01721, Massachusetts

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